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Here at Entertainment Captive Insurance, we provide industry executives and the companies that they own or manage cost-effective tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

In today’s environment, more than ever due to the unique risks that go beyond running a traditional business, generalized Insurance no longer provides all the answers and protections needed to support the Entertainment Industry.

We take the “un” out of “uninsurable” and provide custom-tailored solutions to make this happen.

The insurance industry was heading towards increased liability and exposures prior to COVID and was starting to raise their rates exponentially, Specific to Directors and Officers, Professional Liability, Employment Practice Liability, Health Care, and Catastrophic property (wildfire, Hurricane, Wind) which are all skyrocketing, and now by creating a captive or using a captive to help fill gaps or buy down insurance premiums with High deductible plans, or creating a buffer (deductible – lower layer of coverage) so a traditional insurer will get on the risk.

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The Impact of COVID on the Entertainment Industry



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Why Entertainment make sense

We are starting to see D&O pricing go up 100 to 500% in some areas. And yes you read that right. The reason is simple: almost every person with excess money has invested in real estate, cannabis, hemp, and other over-promised and underperform industries and is looking to recoup that. Not excluding all the employees who were promised and over-promised certain bells and whistles and the “Money” had no idea or control of the businesses they have invested in, so again a Captive makes sense.



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