Supplemental Coverages Around Traditional Insurance


What makes Entertainment Captive unique and trustworthy?

We outlined a few case studies that can spark a conversation with our team and highlight how Entertainment Captive can fill in the insurance gaps:

Case Study: Through strategic risk management, our team has proven the ability to bring truly uninsurable reality tv concepts from just ideation, all the way through being a real viable production. We recently provided a well known Social media influencer with an alternative insurance solution which afforded them the opportunity to obtain the miscellaneous insurance coverages needed that they were no longer being offered in the traditional market, with amazing upside potential for them to keep the majority of the premium paid based on their new risk management processes and procedures.



Case Study: We have created specialty bonds and financial tools used to allow our well-heeled clients to hold their own against much bigger and well-heeled clients. At one point through creative Binding, we secured a win for our patent holder, a well-known fitness industry guru when going up against one of the largest equipment manufacturing companies providing them the ability to level the playing field and ultimately win their freedom from that manufacturer.




Case Study: Our team insured an entertainment executive who happened to be the majority owner in a well-known nightclub. The policy included coverage for the hybrid lifestyle, protection for lawsuits or claims made for their outspoken nature, and then separately insuring the business. A captive solution fills in the gaps nicely to make that Entertainment entrePreneur that much more bulletproof.


Case Study: Several years ago, our team wrote an insurance policy for a high-level Entertainment executive who happens to sit on and advise on multiple company boards. The policy was written to cover the executive for E&O as well as independent endeavors and lifestyle pleasures that one wouldn’t normally find in a standard insurance policy. Think of it as a mix between business and pleasure.


Case Study: We were tasked with implementing a proactive Patent insurance program for a serial patent owner and tech executive. The policy gave them the unique ability to have umbrella coverage for proactive litigation and protected the tech executive from paying out of pocket for lawsuits against the uniqueness of their patents and the integrity of their brand.


Case Study: Although it may be unpleasant to discuss, we offer entertainment executives, talent, and above-the-line professionals coverage for Kidnap/Ransom. With our unique coverages, executives can hire armed guards and security companies to keep 24-hour protection and the additional liability exposures one would pick up with all those moving parts.

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